Wellbeing Wednesday

Wellbeing Wednesday


Wellbeing Wednesdays is a concept that started as a social media movement and has grown into an internationally recognised way of reminding people of the importance of positivity, mental health improvement and maintenance.

It’s about ‘how we are doing’ as individuals, communities and as a nation!

At Monash SDS we encourage and want to further develop a culture of recognising and valuing our entire communities’ wellbeing – our students, staff and families

Your wellbeing is unique to you, your measures of happiness, how you handle your emotions, respond to joy and stress and what you choose to do to look after yourself

Everyone is aware of a million different ways to improve their wellbeing; some people actively seek ideas and implement them and others are more subconsciously engaged

But Wellbeing Wednesdays is just about that little reminder, that we all need at times, to look after ourselves, be mindful of others and to be aware of our environment

Following our School Wide Expectations:

  • Do your best
  • Help others succeed
  • Respect your Environment

Look out for more information and lots of fun as we explore and implement some wellbeing ideas, with a few surprises to come!

Let’s all talk about wellbeing to our kids, our partners, family, collegues………it’s up to everyone to embrace

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