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Group 12 Moon Art

Science Understanding:To celebrate 50 years since the moon landing, Group 12 made some artworks about the moon. The first piece created was to celebrate astronauts and the galaxy, and the second was a celebration of ‘The Moon as Muse’ which was inspired by artwork about the moon throughout history.

The Magic of Play in Early Education

The Monash Early Education Program provides an enriching structured play program for preschool aged children with developmental delays.

From the School Nurses

A friendly reminder from your school nurses.

Monash SDS Fun Run

Our Monash SDS Fun-Run raised $4,190!

eSmart week

This week we are celebrating eSmart week!      

Monash SDS Fun Run 2019

The Monash SDS Fun Run is being held this Thursday, the 5th of September! Everyone has done a great job getting donations and it looks set to be a fantastic day!

Music Festival 2019

Music performance at the Southern Specialist Schools Music Festival

Early Education Program Enrol Now

The Monash Early Education Program provides a centre based intervention service to preschool age children with developmental delays.  We are accepting enrolments now for 2020.

Therapy Information Session

Meet with Monash SDS Therapists and Parents to discuss Sensory Equipment and Communication Systems- TUESDAY AUGUST 20TH!

Monash SDS is Child Safe

Monash SDS is committed to the safety of our students.

Urban Camp 2019

In the last week of term 2 students from Pathways were involved in The Urban Camp. The Urban Camp is a fantastic camp that allows students to explore the wonders that the city of Melbourne has to offer.