VET Program

At Monash SDS we are proud to be implementing a VET Program for select Senior Secondary students in their final two years of schooling. The VET program contributes to the broad education of our students. The program has the capacity to engage and challenge students to maximise their individual talents and capabilities for further education, training and lifelong learning.  


Monash SDS in collaboration with Inclusion Melbourne is proud to deliver Certificate I in Transition Education at our school. Certificate I in Transition Education provides learners the opportunity to build confidence and better engage with employment, community, learning and personal domains. The focus of the curriculum is to enable learners to find the most appropriate options for them in the community while engaging in further training after leaving school. This may include employment, volunteer work or further study.   


 The credit scores earned over this time can be transferred over to Inclusion Melbourne which is a Registered Training Organisation. This offers our students an opportunity to participate in another promising pathway option as they leave school.    


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