Sensory Room

Many students have sensory needs and utilise sensory learning as a teaching and learning approach. Many of the students at Monash Special Developmental School, development of skills in this area allows them to manage and function well within activities of daily living. Sensory intervention seeks to help the children improve and integrate their visual, auditory, tactile, gustatory, olfactory, vestibular, and proprioceptive skills.

The Sensory Room aims to promote student’s sensory processing ability as well as educational programmes by using the sensory environment as a facilitative environment. Intervention within the sensory room assists to:

  • Promote positive interaction and increased trust and understanding between an individual and the facilitator
  • Provide a failure free and non-threatening environment in which to safely explore and interact
  • Provide multi-sensory, play-opportunities tailored to the individual needs of each child
  • Promote children’s language development through planned and spontaneous exploration of resources
  • Support students who would benefit from a calming environment
  • Support students with a range of behavioural and self-regulation difficulties