The music program at Monash SDS provides students with a rich and diverse experience of music, for growth and skill development.  Based on a goal-directed, holistic approach, the program provides students opportunities to achieve in areas of communication, social skills, motor/sensory development, and emotional development.  In addition to teaching musical skills, the program uses music as a medium to further other areas of development such as social skills, literacy and numeracy.

The program services students of all ages from the Early Education program, through the Primary and Secondary years.  The needs of each student are assessed, monitored and evaluated throughout the year, and reported on bi-annually.  The program is designed in accordance with the needs of each student in either group and/or individual settings.

Activities and strategies to motivate and engage students include singing, vocalising, instrument playing, music listening and relaxation, music and movement, improvisation, and music technology.

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