Seniors Core Curriculum

These areas are strategic and targeted. By the time students have arrived in the senior school they are receiving a highly individualised learning program designed to meet their specific Educational needs.  

In line with our broader school philosophy, our aim is to continue to enrich each students individual learning potential by further consolidating their already acquired skill set. The Core Curriculum for students in the senior section of the school is listed above.

Students are also streamed into a range of rotating elective subject areas including The Arts, STEM, History, Geography, Information Communication Technologies (ICT), gardening, library and community access. Some of these curriculum areas are stand alone, while others are skilfully integrated into student programs.

In these years, the curriculum focuses on developing the fundamental knowledge, skills and behaviours in literacy and numeracy and other areas which underpin all future learning.

Integrated curriculum activities that have an emphasis on the acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills in relation to practical real life learning scenarios form a major part of the curriculum.

Students often progress beyond the foundations and their literacy and numeracy becomes more developed. An expanded curriculum program provides the basis for in-depth learning within the domains and the learning strands. 

Health and Physical Wellbeing

Swimming, Outdoor Ed (camps), and Inter-school Sport are pillars that underpin the curriculum at senior years. During the course of the year we undertake many and varied topics such as minor and major games and Students are encouraged to be active participants and develop sound teamwork skills.

Students in these years strive toward achievement in the six goal areas as outlined in the Victorian Curriculum: 

  • Being healthy, safe and active
  • Communicating and interacting for health and well being
  • Contributing to healthy and active communities
  • Moving the body
  • Understanding movement
  • Learning through movement

 Students at a senior level are provided the opportunity to participate in a range of sporting clinics conducted by outside bodies and participate in fitness assessments with an aim to begin data collection to track student progress and set personal goals. In these years there is placed a strong emphasis on the development of fundamental skills and giving every student the chance to experience a wide variety of sporting pursuits. 

Personal and Social Development
At this level focus is placed on students developing a range of independence skills that develop in them the capacity to manage their own lives, relate competently to others and to interact effectively with the world around them.

Our Healthy Relationships program fosters harmonious communication, appropriate friendships and interactions which also promote safety and assists the individual student to adapt and regulate themselves in an ever changing world.

In senior years, particular attention is placed on students demonstrating an awareness of their personal qualities and the factors that contribute to resilience.

Developing empathy and the understanding of others to recognise the importance of supporting diversity and creating a cohesive community by developing strategies to manage challenging situations constructively is also a key feature.



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