Futures For Young Adults

Students remain at school until the end of the year they turn 18.  During this last year of schooling, students and their families are supported by both Monash SDS and The Department of Human Services in evaluating and selecting an appropriate post school option.

You will be linked with a Department of Human Services FFYA Transition Planner from either the Eastern or Southern Region. (Determined by your home address)

Below is a timeline of the Futures For Young Adults process-

Term one

  • A mini expo will be organized with the Department of Human Services and a number of adult services to inform you about the Futures process and the options that are available to your child.

Term two

  • A tour day will be organized where staff will take interested parents to a number of local adult services.  This is to give parents a sample of the different services available and what they may have to offer.
  • A Support Needs Assessment (SNA) will be organized between the graduate’s family, school and DHS, to assess your child’s Futures funding.
  • A preference form will need to be completed indicating what service you would like your child to attend.

Term four

  • By early term four you will be notified of your child’s placement, following which orientation/transition sessions will be arranged. The number of days will be determined by your child’s needs.
  • Late in term four, a graduation dinner will be organized to celebrate your child’s time at Monash SDS and to wish them well for the future.