Pathways Learning Programs

The hospitality program allows the students to either participate in creating lunch orders for the students in Seniors and Pathways, be part of a Café program or cooking program.  All programs involve aspects of hygiene, appropriate social skills and preparation skills.

Industry Related Skills
The focus of this program is to increase the students’ ability to function in the school environment in a positive manner with as much independence as possible and to help prepare them for their post-school options. A variety of work based activities e.g. recycling, paper shredding, newspaper rolling and deliveries as well as canteen will give students opportunities to develop work skills. The Work Skills Program will be delivered both within formal work sessions and flexibly across curriculum areas.

As part of the transition program students are offered an opportunity to participate in a gardening program at Monash SDS and also at the Mulgrave Neighbourhood House. Students will be involved in various activities such as weeding, watering preparing plots, planting and harvesting.

The Sensory Programs are designed to help children interact with and learn more about their environment. They allow our students to explore a variety of tactile, visual, auditory and olfactory experiences. Exposure to varying sensory stimuli, assist our students to calm and organise the nervous system in order to promote better participation and learning. Programs provide a balanced range of sensory experiences to promote language development through planned and spontaneous exploration of resources.

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