Core Curriculum

Core curriculum may be delivered as a stand-alone subject or through the Pathways Learning Programs.

Students have the opportunity to work with iPads, interactive whiteboards and TV’s, digital media, laptops and computers.  ICT may be taught as a stand-alone subject or through core and Pathways learning programs.

Students participate in regular English and Maths classes. Individualised activities based on students' ILP are designed to develop students' skills in these areas.

Students utilize and build upon existing literacy skills in a variety of situations including functional literacy, utilizing literacy for leisure choices and Pathways electives.

Students will have opportunities to use and extend their mathematical and thinking skills across a range of contexts. This provides students with the capacity to operate more effectively and independently by applying maths skills to meet every day needs.


Personal and Social Development.
Students build on their self-care, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills and self-management skills. Programs provide an opportunity to develop self-esteem and confidence. This will include interacting appropriately in context and understanding how behaviour can impact on themselves and others.

Students also develop an understanding of relationships across a broad range of contexts. In conjunction with specific skill development, students practice these skills in a variety of situations and settings. Activities may include self-help skills, grooming and social skills.


Community Engagement.
As young adults it is important that students are encouraged to make choices in relation to selecting their own interest based leisure and recreational activities.

This program is delivered flexibly across curriculum areas, in subjects such as sport, fitness and electives.

The program aims to increase communication and social skills through participation in leisure and recreation activities and community engagement. Activities may include bushwalking, shopping, camps and excursions.

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