Policies and Reports

POLICIES : Operational

Curriculum Policy 

COVID-19 Policy for Term 3
Digital Technologies Policy
Equal Opportunity and Anti Discrmination Policy
Hiring, Licensing and Shared use of School Facilities Policy
NDIS Funded Therapy in Schools Policy
Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy
Administration of Medication Policy
Anaphylaxis Policy
Asthma Policy
Camps and Excursions Policy
Class Placement Policy
Communication with Parents and Carers Policy
Communication with School Staff Policy
Complaints Policy
Duty of Care Policy
First Aid Policy
Health Care Needs Policy
Inclusion and Diversity Policy
Monash SDS Enrolment Policy
Personal Mobile Devices Policy
Photography, Filming and Recording Students Policy
Privacy Policy
Respectful Relations and Sexuality Policy 

Respect for School Staff

Statement of Values and School Philosophy
Student Bullying Prevention Policy
Therapy in Class Policy
Visitors Policy
Workplace Bullying Policy
Yard Duty and Supervision Policy


Chew Equipment Policy
Child Safety Responding and Reporting Policy and Procedures
Class Placement Policy
Code of Conduct - Child Safety
Code of Conduct - Staff
Code of Conduct - Parent
Complaints Policy
Enrolment Policy
Esmart Policy
Gender Equality Policy
Induction Policy for Promoting a Child Safe Environment
Mandatory Reporting
Parent Payment Policy 2021
Recruitment and Selection Policy
Transport To/From School Policy
VIT and WWC Policy

Volunteers Policy
Volunteer Placement Student Details
Volunteer and Placement Prerequisite Reading and Documentation Agreement
Confidentiaility Agreement
Statement of Commitment of Child Safety
Volunteer OHS Induction Handbook


Privacy Policy

Link to the Department's Schools Privacy Policy

Collection Notice - Primary Schools

Collection Notice - Secondary Schools
Enrolment Collection and Privacy Notice

Conflict of Interest Policy
National Disability (NDIS) Conflict






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