Sensory Room

Many students have sensory needs and utilise sensory learning as a teaching and learning approach. Developmental of skills in this area allows students of Monash SDS to manage and function well within activities of daily living. Sensory intervention seeks to help the children improve and integrate their visual, auditory, tactile, gustatory, olfactory, vestibular, and proprioceptive skills.

The Sensory Room aims to promote student’s sensory processing ability as well as educational programmes by using the sensory environment as a facilitative environment. Intervention within the sensory room assists to:

  • Promote positive interaction, increase trust and understanding between an individual and the facilitator
  • Provide a failure free and non-threatening environment in which to safely explore and interact
  • Provide multi-sensory, play-opportunities tailored to the individual needs of each child
  • Promote children’s language development through planned and spontaneous exploration of resources
  • Support students who would benefit from a calming environment
  • Support students with a range of behavioural and self-regulation difficulties

The music program at Monash SDS provides students with a rich and diverse experience of music, for growth and skill development.  Based on a goal-directed, holistic approach, the program provides students opportunities to achieve in areas of communication, social skills, motor/sensory development, and emotional development.  Rather than be a program that teaches purely musical skills, the program uses music as the medium to teach life skills.

The program services students of all ages from the Early Education program, through the Primary, Senior and Pathways years.  The needs of each student are assessed, monitored and evaluated throughout the year, and reported on bi-annually.  The program is designed in accordance with the needs of each student in either group and/or individual settings.

Activities and strategies to motivate and engage students include singing, vocalising, instrument playing, music listening and relaxation, music and movement, improvisation, and music technology.



Fundamental concepts such as water familiarisation, safety and participation are taught throughout.  This is just another example of how Monash Special Developmental School strives to enrich your child's individual potential. 

When working with children with intellectual disabilities including autism spectrum disorder and physical disabilities, the benefits of swimming and hydrotherapy are widely published.  Monash SDS acknowledges this and as a result our swimming and hydrotherapy programs form a key part of the curriculum. 

Students begin swimming at Early Education and continue through primary school into our senior and pathways years.  Our levels span beginner, intermediate and advanced.  The program is developed to individually engage the child at their level of ability.


Bike Education

Students participate in bike education weekly through a wide range of bikes catering for all abilities, which allows each student to progress as their skills and knowledge improve. The program promotes safety, basic bike skills, enjoyment and fitness.

The aim of the Monash SDS Bike Education Program is to:

  • Give every student the necessary skills and ability to be confident in riding a bike/tricycle
  • Teach students about the road traffic environment and the laws associated with riding in the streets/community
  • Develop adequate cycling ability and coordination to manage different and changing environments as a cyclist
  • Develop responsible behaviour, attitudes and decision making skills for the safe use of bicycles, both on /off roads through learning experience appropriate to age and development.

The ultimate goal of Bike Education should be for students to become competent to ride safely and independently.



Our Physical Education program provides opportunities for our students to access and participate in beneficial physical, social and recreational activities.  Our school has a wide variety of physical abilities and our programs are modified and often individually tailored allowing all students to participate.

We provide:

  • Gross motor programs
  • Basic ball skills and games
  • Stair practice and walking programs
  • Bike riding using specially modified bikes which currently allow 90% of our students to ride
  • Fitness program

We have a Sports Day every term where all students participate in suitable activities to the best of their ability.  Instead of winning points for coming first they are awarded points for individual independence and personal best efforts which allows students to earn points for their team, no matter what their ability.


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