The Monash SDS Primary School provides school-aged students (5-12 years) with a developmental delay or disability a comprehensive, research-based program of learning. All students have access to Victorian Curriculum content and standards through our school’s pedagogical model in a way that makes learning meaningful and motivating for each individual.


The Victorian Curriculum provides Monash SDS teachers with a framework to develop inclusive teaching and learning programs that cater to all Primary School students. The curriculum also serves as an assessment and reporting tool, ensuring Monash SDS learners receive a range of quality educational programs that cover a variety of areas in the Victorian Curriculum. In addition, all students have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that is developed collaboratively between school and families to highlight specific, curriculum-based goals for each child according to their needs, strengths and interests.


As part of our whole-school pedagogical approach, the Structured Teaching framework provides teachers with the tools to plan for positive and predictable learning environments that increase student independence through individualised scheduling and work systems. Our ABA program – STAR (Strategies for Teaching based on Autism Research) includes lessons, materials and instructional strategies used to teach our students important school skills, routines and academic concepts in an engaging and motivating way.


Monash SDS Primary School students are also provided with weekly opportunities to engage in specialist programs such as swimming, music and physical education. School-based literacy and numeracy teams often plan educational incursions and fun activities to celebrate events such as Book Week and Science Week.




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