Medication at School

School Nurses and First Aid Officers
Monash SDS has a school nurse on duty from 9.30am to 2.30pm each day.  Consistent with the Department's First Aid Policy and Procedures, the school will allocate other staff member/s as First Aid Officer/s who have current training and are on standby in the event that the school nurse is not available. 


School Nurse Duties

The school nurse is required to undertake a co-ordinating role maintaining standard medical service provision, student medical records and parent notifications.

Their specific duties include:

  • Participating in the risk management process within the school as part of the school's OHS process. This may include contributing to risk management solutions and providing feedback on injury reports and first aid register data to identify persistent or serious hazards.
  • Providing input into emergency management procedures and awareness training for staff.
  • Maintaining the first aid room and first aid kids (bus and camp kits).
  • Providing first aid services commensurate with competency and training.  This may include all or some of emergency life support including response to life threatening conditions which may occur in the school (e.g. cardiac arrest or respiratory difficulties associated with asthma), management of severe bleeding, basic wound care, fractures, soft tissue injury.
  • Recording all first aid treatment including a copy of treatment provided shall be forwarded with the patient where further assistance is sought or notification to the parents if the student has attended the sick bay.
  • Providing input on first aid requirements for excursions and camps.
  • Oversee medical action plans for epilepsy, anaphylaxis and asthma.
  • Co-ordinate student medical records.

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