School Profile

Monash Special Developmental School is a Department of Education and Training school catering for the needs of students aged 2.8 years to 18 years with significant developmental delay and/or intellectual disabilities including autism spectrum disorder and multiple disabilities.

The school offers excellent purpose built facilities including indoor and outdoor learning areas, sensory areas and gardens.  All programs are supported by therapists including speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and social worker.

The school offers:

  • Individual and small group instruction - low child/teacher ratio.
  • Communication/Language and speech development, music/drama enrichment program and sensory stimulation rooms, physical education, bike education, swimming/water familiarisation/hydrotherapy.
  • Special Education trained teachers.
  • Therapy team.
  • Sensory and other attractive garden areas.
  • Multi purpose room featuring gross motor and gym equipment.
  • Woodwork and art/craft areas.
  • 3 school buses for community based programs.
  • Daily sessions - Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm.
  • Varying levels of sessional and full day, up to full time attendance available.
  • Regular assessment and review.
  • Daily liaison between parents/carers and staff.
  • Centre-based program supported and complemented by the school's extensive resources including 3 purpose built playgrounds.
  • Onsite Hydrotherapy complex.

Programs integrated approach:

  • Communication and Language (incorporating Picture Exchange Communication System, Makaton, Picture Communication Symbols and Cued Articulation).
  • Cognitive development including academic skills.
  • Social skills enhancement.
  • Self-help skills including toileting and eating skills.
  • Water familiarisation, swimming and hydrotherapy program.
  • Individual behaviour support programs.
  • Interactive computer and technology opportunities.
  • Camps and excursions.
  • Development of a broad range of independence skills.

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